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JLR file legal action against copycat Range Rover Evoke


Which is which
Which is which


Jaguar Land Rover have decided to go ahead with a court case against the Chinese manufacturer of the Land Wind, a blatant copy of the Range Rover Evoke. The vehicle first appeared in 2014, and in November of that year JLR took their first action in the vehicles country of origin.


The vehicle has been around now for two years as JLR weighed up if taking the case out in China would alienate potential new customers. The decision has obviously been made and JLR intend to show that this kind of copyright theft is not acceptable and the group will protect their products the world over.evoque-copy-landwind
Many automakers pinch ideas and inspiration from each other and always have done so. You only have to look at the new Ford range with the iconic Aston Martin grill shape.
But more than a simple case of copyright infringement, Land Rover’s suit is worth watching as a test case in China, because it could give hope to other automakers that have been subject to Chinese copycats, like Ford, Volkswagen, Cadillac, and BMW.
We will keep you informed …

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