7 new Concepts for the Jeep Easter Festival

The Easter holiday Jeep safari within the rock strewn valley of Moab, Utah USA is jeep-chieflike the Glastonbury for Jeep lovers. Every Easter, Jeep owners come from every corner of the US and for that matter around the world to crawl rocks, drive trails and swap stories with fellow Jeepers.
The 2015 event celebrates 75 years of the Jeep brand and is the 49th year of the EJS and runs for nine days (March 28 to April 5). With 139 “trail routes” with varying levels of skills required, from easy family Jeep-red-rocktrek to trips that will almost guarantee damage to your Jeep.
Over twelve years ago the Jeep company, realised the marketing opportunities available here and started to become involved. Part of that participation included concept vehicles for the Easter Jeep Safari event. At the very least the concepts show off Jeep and MOPAR parts that owners can buy. At best they serve to inspire Jeep lover’s creativity and keep the faithful coming back. Since 2002 Jeep jeep-africadesigners have produced 50 concepts that were shown here. This year they add seven more, some are based on the Renegade and Cherokee, but these Wrangler based models are something special we think.

These are the top four we like

1, Jeep Staff Car

2,Jeep Chief

3, Jeep Red Rock

4, Jeep Africa

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