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4×4 vehicles do last longer … fact

How long can you make your car last ?4x4-scrap
Maintaining your car is important if you want it to last and be a trustworthy chariot. Irvin Gordon holds the Guinness World record for ‘the highest certified mileage driven by the original owner in non-commercial service currently clocking over 3 million miles! He claims that regular maintenance of oil plus oil filter changes and knowing a good mechanic that will use genuine parts has helped him preserve his 1966 Volvo P1800. I note he doesn’t explain what type of roads he uses but he does live in Long Island. No snow or salty roads to deal with there then!
Not a realistic accomplishment for ‘Jo Public’ to keep a car for 50 years and with the second hand market sales exceeding new car sales we wondered what was out there now that was giving longevity.scrap-4x4
Forbes in the US did a survey of vehicles for sale on AutoTrader.com to see what cars had a mileage of 250.000 plus miles. Not surprisingly 3 out of 5 were 4×4’s that came out on top. A 1983 Isuzu Rodea SUV had 381,960 miles, 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV had 332,357 miles and a Ford F-150 regular cab pick-up had 290,000 miles. This has prompted them to predict what vehicles could be brought today and reasonable run to the 250,000 mile stone. They based their decision on cheap maintenance parts and ease of ability to maintain and decided on; The Honda Ridgeline, the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Rav4 only 3 out of 10? I’m wondering how many Engine Control Units’ (ECU) will be replaced to achieve 250,000 miles. Yes I know I’m a cynic but with a lot of acquaintances receiving ‘eye watering’ bills of £2,000 plus to replace these ECU’s I can’t help think the motor trade is strangling itself and the motor reliability.
The Forbes survey; click here
A quick check of the Autotrader.uk revealed very few vehicles over 250,000 miles, most cars don’t make 200,000 but we found some 4×4’s well over that point.
A 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon   252,000.
A 2001 Mitsubishi Pajero                          226,000.
A 2001 Land Rover Freelander               220,000.
A 1997 Land Rover Defender 90,            209,000.
We can only assume those cars over the 250,000 miles are treasured vehicles and not for resale or the weather this end of the world has rotted them away to the natural elements of mother nature, or they are now knives and forks in your cutlery draw.
So, the top tip is, keep your 4×4 serviced, weatherproofed, use a branded name supplier for replacement components and the truck should last you for years, the 4×4 does outlast the average car and used prices stay higher, so they are a good investment, versatile, practical, and more fun … especially for off road use.


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