4×4 pick-ups head to ISIS

A plumber from Texas part exchanged his 4×4 pickup to a dealer for a new F150 Ford truck for his business. When he started to remove his company decals, a salesman requested he left them, so as they could remove them without damaging the paintwork.


That clearly didn’t happen, and the pickup went to auction in Dallas. By late Dec. 2013, the truck was on a boat for Turkey and somehow made it to Syria joining the fighting there, the problem was it went with ISIS.


The agony for Oberholtzer, his family, and business began when photo’s started to hit social media in Dec. 2014, with his truck featuring in Islamic State propaganda videos and images. According to the lawsuit, some people thought he sympathized with Syrian fighters, not realizing he was just a person caught up in a situation outside of his control. He received death threats, hate mail, and verbal abuse, things were so bad that Oberholtzer left town for a period, with Homeland Security and the FBI visiting him to clarify his situation.
truck -isis-4x4-plumber


Oberholtzer allegedly tried to work things out with the dealer during the firestorm of controversy. However, the company reportedly claimed that it was not responsible for removing the decals’. Now the two sides have to work things out in court, with $1 million hanging over the decision.


The moral of the story is, strip your own decals & logos before sale … and don’t’ believe the salesman.


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