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4×4 & Mud : easy clean with … Duck Smart

How do you clean your car, are you a Flicker? Just a quick flick over to remove the dirt or are you a Licker? There for hours, toothbrush in hand, spit and polish, not stopping till the gleam hurts the retinas.
Whether you’re a flicker or licker Duck Smart has cleaning products for all, to keep our treasured trucks clean and sparkling.



Duck Smart’s Earth Mover, has been specially designed for Mud Pluggers who will appreciate the foam is tough enough to dissolve off road crud and grime off everything from the paint to disc brakes, yet the detergent is still gentle to all surfaces including rubber, aluminium, carbon and titanium. The product can be applied direct from the bottle with the addition of their special Double Action Trigger the perfect way to spray clean intense dirt or create an even foam all over the vehicle, then rinse off with all the crud.



mud-cleanerMud Slider is another ingenious product that gives a protective shiny coating that is also non-slip to prevent mud from building up, if you’re a muck lover this is ideal making the next clean quicker and easier.



Wagon Wash is their aptly named detergent with a non streak, rich foaming action to help loosen and break down grime and dirt, allowing the paintwork, vinyl, chrome and plastic to gleam with a gentle massage. Their special formula works with everybody’s favourite method of cleaning whether you’re a power washer, bucket and sponger or just prefer to spray directly on for those hard to reach areas. Simply rinse your vehicle, rub all over in Wagon Wash and rinse away the grime.
Knowing that for some of us washing is just the first stage of a car clean they have designed Smart N Ezee, a light spray that once applied and caressed in with a micro cloth will produce that desired showroom shine as well as applying a water repellent layer to make the next wash quicker and easier. It’s not just for paintwork either, it can clean Matt black finishes, stainless steel, dashboards, chrome and windscreens, probably best not to mention its good in the house too, don’t want to start any custody battles. Smart n Ezee can also be used as a dry wash for those quick ‘in between’ cleans.


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