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20th or 21st Centuary motoring ? ?

LandRoverDefender20141 1993_land_rover_defender_4_dr_110_4wd_suv-pic-40188

Having felt the exhilaration of driving 2 new vehicles off the forecourt it made me wonder why me and so many others are returning to the ‘old bangers’ of our youth. I asked myself why I was so happy to pass ‘this century’s car’ and climb into my pre 1990 car.

Financially it’s a no brainer, my historic defender doesn’t make my wallet wince when it comes to repairs or devaluation. It does make my knuckles bleed though but at least I can feel smug on the basis I can repair it myself or check the internet for the knowledge to repair, after all I’m not completely anti computer I just don’t want them driving for me or a spotty youth telling me ‘computer says no’.

Driving comparisons? Well I just feel safer not having a computer in control. I’ve used my judgement and feet to power my wheels and brakes successfully for many a year now. I trust my own ability to judge that it’s cold so there’s a risk of ice on the road I don’t trust computers.

Yes I miss the heated windscreen on an icy morning and yes there are days when I’m sitting in traffic I miss the aircon and the ability to open or close the passenger window at a flick of a switch but that’s it.

I enjoy the open windows and the varied smells of my travels, the sound of life, towns and the country as I pass. I love the sound of the engine roar.

I can park (yes without the aid of computers) and I won’t have to use the far corners of the car park so as not to worry if the car has been bashed in my absence and my shopping trip has just cost me thousands in body repairs. Maybe that’s unfair as my pre 90’s love is a defender and to date I’ve been rubbing off paint whilst the careless driver’s face is crumbling to match their crumpled car.

Am I being unfair, biased even? I can’t deny I enjoy the smoothness of my 21st century vehicle and sometimes wonder If I’ve gone deaf with the lack of rattles and noise but that’s what in car stereos where invented for and yes I have progressed from an 8 track but with this latest technology of on board computers I can’t helping think I’d be more comfortable knowing where my car was at all times, not my car knowing where I am at all times.

Oh … and did I mention this is a woman’s view too