2019 Subaru Forrester … spyshots


The Subaru Forester has been around now for some time in varying guises and has built up a solid fan base from the rural green welly brigade. With the 4×4 functionality and car like looks the Forester continues to prove its popularity amongst the country and outdoor folk.

After a slight refresh last year, the Subaru Forester is due for a full redesign, this is coming soon, as revealed by these spy shots The crossover looks relatively similar to the current one, but it’s completely new underneath we are informed.

As for the outside, it’s definitely an evolutionary design. The boxy shape and signature grille clearly derive from the current model. But there are subtle changes. The prow doesn’t slope back as much as the current one. Instead, it’s virtually upright, and corners are pushed forward. This gives the car a more truck-like appearance. The headlights also sit higher and wrap around more. The lower vents that were integrated in bumper creases on the current one appear to have disappeared, as well, perhaps for a more conventional front bumper.forester-subaru

Moving to the side and the back, we can just make out some slightly more complicated surfaces on the flanks, looking like subtle creases found on other models from the Subaru stables.the  The taillights also appear to be inspired by the new Crosstrek.

Rather than the small units in the body of the current Forester, the new lights extend into the rear hatch, this may improve the size of the hatch opening as it has with other models.

Underneath the modest redesign should be Subaru’s global architecture, which currently underpins the Impreza and Crosstrek.  with both afore mentioned vehicles showed that the platform has yielded agile handling and solid ride quality. Also if the Forester continues to offer a turbocharged engine, it should rectify the power (or rather, lack thereof) in the Impreza pair. The platform will also underpin the upcoming Ascent SUV, which is  targeted for release next year.

With that in mind, and the near production-ready body, we’d edge our bets on seeing the new Forester either at the end of this year, or early next 2018.

Image credits; Motor Authority2018-Subaru-Forester

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