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2016 Ultra 4 Europe … by Off Road Terror

Ultra 4 Europe 2016
 By Team Off Road Terror   (Belgium)
Well it was a strange year for us, we had some major changes done to the Goat and we were confident that this year would be a better year that 2015.
King of France:
King of France was a pretty good contest for us, with the Goat running great. Even with a major driving mistake during the prologue, the Goat did well on raceday. At lap 10 we lost the belt that also damaged the water pump and we had a DNF for KOF2016.
King of Italy went better, with no major issues on the Goat, we thought our troubles were finally over. Sad enough, someone made a mistake on leaving the goat running without the fans on and the engine ran hot. At first we thought we were safe on that one, because we had no more issues during the event, but this one was going to bite us in the butt at the next event.



King of Portugal:


We had checked the goat completely over in the summer months since KOI and even found time to swap out TH400 with al 4L80 from Maximum Transmissions and a new 2 speed Atlas from Advance Adapters Inc.
During the practice sessions everything went fine, but at the prologue disaster struck again. With no seat time with the new automatic, that has a regular shift instead of a old th400 that has reverse shift, I shifted in the wrong gear and instead of going to 3th, I went back to 1st gear. It had an disastrous ULTRA-4-EUROPEeffect on our front axle. Several teeth broke from our ring and pinon and the team had to work late that night to swap the r&p and new differential locker.
We had to start last the next day and it went well. The car handled strange and during the first lap we rolled the Goat for the first time. With no idea what happened we put her back on her wheels and continued our laps catching up with lots of competitors. The car still handled strange and we rolled it 2 more times that day for no special reason. There was nothing special in the course at that point that would have made the Goat roll that easy. Recently, the shocks were completely rebuild by King Europe and should have been fine. But what worried me more at the last lap, was that our engine was running at 0.5 bar at idle since the dinosaur eggs and at 1.9 bar at 6000rpm. Since it was our last lap I decided to keep on going and finish the day. We later checked the engine and decided to spare the engine from more damages until we figured out what was wrong with her.
ULTRA4-EUROPEBack home we checked the engine. We changed the oil and filters, flushed the engine and did a testdrive twice for 15 minutes and oil pressure was ok, both at idle and at max rpm. We thought it was a glitch from rolling at KOP or sensor malfunction .
We also checked the pressure on the shocks and Tom, my co driver, had put 180 psi on the shocks instead of the 150 psi they should have been on. We would see Javier Herrador at KOB and do some testdrives at King Off-Road Racing Shocks tuning to see what was wrong! We thought we were ready for KOB 2016.


King of Britain:
We arrived there on friday morning. In the afternoon we took the Goat out for some testrunning at the King Shock tuning zone. We did 5 or 6 laps and she handled great, Tom’s earlier mistake of putting 180 psi on them, made the car handle totally different, with a result of 3 hard rolls at KOP. Here at KOB she handled very well and we could run at full speed again over the hoops at the test zone.
I was happy and on the last run disaster struck again, the oil pressure fell down and the engine started sounding strange. By the time we were half way back to camp, the engine was done and we then knew we had no chance on running KOB. Rob Butler from ORA tried to find us a new engine but at that point it was not possible to find a new 6.1L Hemi for our Goat.
Overall, Ultra 4 2016 was great, we had 2 new places to race, King of France and King of Britain. We’re now more than ever confident that we will be ready for next year with our new car build by Offroad-Armoury
See you there my friends!
and thank you to all the people who made these contests happen and off course to my crew that dedicate all there free time to help me so we can do this …



Text: Axel Burman

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