2015-toyota-hI LUX
Work Horse

2015 … Toyota Hilux


The much loved Hi-lux is getting a full revamp for 2015,visibly wider and longer and a pretty dam good face lift.
The Toyota pickups, or utilities as they are known have had a formidable reputation since their introduction in 1968, we have all seen the Top Gear Hi-lux beating episode.
The competition now has ever increased with the VW Amrok , the Mazda, and the much improved Ford Ranger, keeping this in mind, the new Hi-lux is rumoured 2015-toyota-hilux-sideto have a much improved luxurious interior, well, for a pickup truck anyway.
The front end has been tweaked with a swept back face, nice sharper headlights, slanting grille, new bumper and large bold fog lights, the body has new lines to aid the airflow.
Toyota-Hilux-2015No official details have been confirmed as yet for engine size, but without doubt we will not be disappointed as the new model has been purpose built with it’s reputation, competition and running costs in mind. It will not fail.
Toyota has confirmed LED headlights, which will be a first from the company but only in the “Black” Limited Edition at first. Also confirmed the towing capacity will rise to 3 ton, and that has to be a big plus for many.
Disguised models have been seen recently testing out on the roads of southern Europe an can be seen on line with a short search.
We wait with bated breath …