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2015 Polls; best SUV … on the market today

With 2015 well underway, the latest polls’ for best 4×4 and SUV’s on the market are revealed by the automotive media, so we thought we take a look at who is voting for what.


Car Buyers Guide –
1st            Dacia Duster                        DUSTER
2nd       Range Rover Sport
3rd       Land Rover Discovery 4
4th       Porsche Cayenne
5th       Nissan X-Trail
6th       Range Rover
7th       Volkswagen Touareg
8th       Hyundai Santa Fe
9th       New Kia Sorento
10th     Volvo XC60


Auto Express –
1st        Hyundai Santa FEsanta-fe
2nd       Range Rover Sport
3rd       Dacia Duster
4th       Land Rover Discovery 4
5th       Fiat Panda 4×4
6th       Mazda CX-5
7th       Range Rover
8th       Range Rover Evoque
9th       Suzuki SX4 S-Cross
10th     Skoda Yeti (what Car)-
1st        BMW X32011-bmw-x3-m-sports-package-leak_100316344_m
2nd       Lexus RX
3rd       Audi Q3
4th       Volkswagen Tiguan
5th       Hyundai ix35
6th       Dacia Duster
7th       Ford Kuga
8th       Land Rover Discovery
9th       Honda CR-V
10th     BMW X5


This is Money –
1st     Range Rover2015-Range-Rover
2nd     Volvo XC60
3rd     Nissan X-Trail
4th     Skoda Yeti
5th     Dacia Duster
6th     Ford Kuga
7th     Land Rover Discovery
8th     Fiat Panda 4×4
9th     Kia Sportage
10th BMW X3


Overall, from the above polls, the Dacia Duster has the outright top spot, which is without doubt attributed to value for money.
A close second is the Land Rover Discovery, the all time favourite that sits high in the polls year on year.
Third place for 2015 is the Range Rover the second Jaguar Land Rover brand that just continues to roll on in popularity.
A surprise for this year is the Skoda Yeti that has not rated nearly so high as previously where it has been a continual competitor for the top spot since the vehicles introduction to the market.


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