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1st Electric 4×4 to finish Dakar

As we all know the Dakar is a grueling event for any vehicle and for the people who pilot them.
The 2017 race was no exception, with rain and mudslides causing havoc within the 5,600 mile race through Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay, with more than a quarter of the cars dropping out.
In the end, it was the Peugeot team who won the car category.
However, further back in the standings, Spanish energy company Acciona made Dakar history as their EV became the first zero emissions car to finish the worlds toughest Rally.



The ‘100% EcoPowered’ as the 4×4 is called is powered by a 250kW electric motor, capable of producing 590 pound-feet of torque.
Six battery modules, each with the capability to charge independently allowing for shorter stops, provide 150kWh of energy. A roof mounted, 100 watt solar panel helped to provide energy throughout the race.
2017 marked Accionia’s 3rd attempt to finish the race, with the car finishing 57th in its category. Crossing the finish line is a victory for crewmates Ariel Jatón and Tito Rolón, but more so for Acciona’s research and development team, which considered the Dakar entry a “sustainability challenge.” The successful completion proving a battery powered car can compete in the toughest environments on earth without directly producing a single gram of harmful emissions.



So now the bench mark has been set, we may now see other entries to the Dakar and other off road races with similar vehicles in the future.





Check out the video below;




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