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1958 Cuthbertson Series II … restored and available


Land Rovers have made a name for themselves thanks to their hardcore off-roading, but this Series II built in 1958 takes things to a whole new level. However it did not come straight from the factory with tracks, the vehicle was converted by James A. Cuthbertson of Biggar, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Fewer than 20 vehicles were ever made and it’s not known how many of them still exist today. Chances are this is one of the nicest surviving examples, if not the very best.1958-cuthbertson-land-rover-2



Cuthbertson developed a sub-frame to accommodate the tracks and then slapped on a Land Rover Series II on top of it. Driving those tracks are sprockets that have just about the same size as a conventional wheel. The off roader was also fitted with a husky crankshaft-driven power steering unit to make sure it would turn left and right. James A Cuthbertson are still trading today and continue to specialise in agricultural vehicle modifications.

It goes without saying the Cuthbertson Land Rover was not built to be fast, with a top speed of a little over 20 mph (32 kph), it won’t take down any records that’s for sure. It was engineered to tackle even the most difficult terrains where conventional 4x4s of those days would fail. Interestingly, the modified Series II proved to be quite handy for the military during missions involving explosives clearing as it was much lighter than a tank.




This particular vehicle is actually for sale and comes from the first year of production. The reason why it’s in such a great condition is because it has been fully restored and Bonhams will have it up for grabs in September at the Goodwood Revival event next month.

The auction house estimates it will fetch anywhere between £50,000 and £60,000,you could buy a new Discovery for less, but it probably won’t save you in case the zombie apocalypse will break cover. You should survive with the Cuthbertson Land Rover Series II though, by stomping on the un-dead with those heavy tracks.










Check out the old footage below for a Cuthbertson in action;



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